Favorite Photos of 2017

It’s hard to believe that 2017 is wrapping up already! This year has flown by, and I can’t believe that 2018 will be my last full year in undergraduate school. 2018 promises to be filled with loads of new experiences (including applying for grad schools!), but for now I want to reminisce about 2017. So without further ado, here are some of my most cherished photographs from this year.

Favorite Scenic Photograph:6C2C0133As you may know, my friends and I spent most of our Thanksgiving break road tripping across the country to Colorado. On our first day in Denver, we found ourselves in Eldorado Canyon State Park. This stop wasn’t on our itinerary, and I’m so glad that we found ourselves in the park. We were fortunate enough to be able to see this glorious sunset!

Favorite Portrait (B&W):000446460036

For most of this year I have been working on a 52 Weeks of Film Project, where I use at least one roll of film per week to photograph what is happening in my life. Sami and I both rushed our sorority, Delta Phi Epsilon, this past semester and once she heard about the project she graciously offered to sit for some portraits. They totally turned out great, and I’m particularly proud of this one!

Favorite at a Botanical Garden:000445250033

For some reason this year, I found myself at a variety of different botanical gardens. Maybe it was chance, or maybe it was because during the fall semester I was enrolled in a botany course and became mildly obsessed with plants for about 14 weeks. Either way, my love for plants definitely developed this past year, and I even started a mini succulent garden in my college apartment.

Favorite Portrait (color): img_0256

I love being a photographer because I get to meet the coolest people! Ally is no exception! Ally is a life long lover of golf, so of course we had her session at her local course. I had so much fun learning about golf, and getting to know Ally. Best of all, look at how awesome the light is on her face and hair in this shot – proud photog moment for sure!

Favorite Portrait (film): 
I’ve been doing digital photography since high school, but I just started doing film this year. The learning curve has been pretty steep, but I think that finally (6 months later!) I’ve finally gotten the hang of it. This photo of my lovely pal was one of the first film portraits that I took that I was remotely proud of.

Favorite Eclectic Photograph: 6C2C0374cpy

My photography style typically involves up close headshots, and very little background. However, when Halee wanted to take photos at an adorable antique shop in downtown St. Charles I couldn’t say no to capturing all of the surroundings at the shop!

Favorite Photographs on Campus: 


By far the worst thing about going to school in a small town is how suffocating campus can be. Sometimes it feels like you see and do the same things over and over again, until you’re able to leave for a school break. However, I convinced my friends to let me photograph them on campus. Not only did I have a great time hanging out with my friends, but I also loved getting to see my campus in a new light.

Favorite Travel Memory:


I would consider traveling to be one of the best (and important) parts of my life. I think that experiencing new cultures is something that we should all definitely do as much as possible. I’m incredibly lucky that I was able to travel to a variety of new places this year, but my favorite was by far Monterrey, California. My friend and I spent hours and hours exploring the fishermen’s wharf, and it was one of the coolest places that I’ve been in a while.

Favorite Duo Photograph:6C2C6260

I feel like this may be one of my favorite photographs that I have ever taken. I don’t have any reason why in particular, but I just adore it oh so much. Plus, have you seen Mack’s pup – LOVE!

Favorite Candid Photograph:41110009Every September my mom and her boyfriend have a Labor Day celebration at their home. Their hometown has a balloon derby that weekend as well, so it’s always a good time. This year both of my roommates, and my friend from my time at Mizzou and her boyfriend all voyaged to my parents house to hang out and enjoy the last bits of summer together.

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