Museum Monday // Museum of Contemporary Art


During my spring break, I journeyed to Chicago to see a few museums and eat some delicious food. My favorite museum that I went to was the Museum of Contemporary Art. I was so glad to be in the warmth of the museum on a cold, blustery, afternoon!

On to the actual material in the museum. The MCA has several rotating exhibitions at all times, and I was lucky enough to be able to see their exhibit entitled Endless Summer. The exhibit featured 10 or so different works by artists such as Edward Ruscha, Robert Irwin, and Craig Kauffman. As a whole, Endless Summer was an exhibit that offered a glimpse into the minimalist style of Los Angeles in the 1960’s. Noticeably different from East Coast minimalism, Endless Summer was influenced by surf culture and SoCal’s famous weather. These artists used some of the most cutting-edge materials such as plastic and fiberglass in their works.

I never thought that I would be the kind of person to enjoy minimalism, but I was entranced by the smooth textures, and light patterning of the works on display at the MCA. As minimalist artists strove to break the long line of traditional academic art and eliminate the differences between painting and sculpture, I assumed that minimalism was not the style for my painterly heart. However, I was surprised by how artistic and articulate these works could be.

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