One Month of Graduate School Complete, 23 Left

This first month living in Canada and attending a new university has been a whirlwind. Living in downtown Toronto is incredible. I’m a proper country girl (I grew up in a farm town with about 4000 people in total) and moving to a big city is an adjustment, to say the least. People are roaming my neighborhood at all times of day (and night). Hundreds of people are buying groceries at the same time as me. I’m never actually alone! For me, this has been sort of overwhelming, but in a positive way. Every day I’m experiencing everything the world has to offer and I’m so thankful even if it’s hard to handle sometimes. 

Which also means I’m in proximity to some impressive museums and galleries. These past few weeks have allowed me to explore museums in three unique ways.

First, as a tourist––the most traditional way of viewing museums. I live in walking proximity to many museums and I take advantage of this on my days off of class! Many museums are free or low cost, which is terrific for students like me.

Second, one of my classmates is a curator at a gallery near Toronto’s harbourfront. She recently finished curating an exhibition about declassified CIA materials in South America. Several of my other classmates and I toured her exhibit when it opened.

Third, part of the coursework for one of my courses is to visit with employees of Ontario museums. Our class time is structured so that we visit a new museum or collection each week. We’re meeting with curators and directors of Canadian collections

This first month has been full of many transitions and truly difficult moments, but overall I am thankful that I chose this journey.

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