Reminiscing on the Pandemic

Like everyone else, the pandemic changed my 2020 plans—just a bit.

I graduated college in the spring of 2019, and frankly never planned to return to Kirksville. In May of 2019, I said my goodbyes to my favorite restaurants, stores, and parks. After living in a town for three years it’s easy to get attached. Even though Kirksville isn’t some sort of northern Missouri paradise it still held so many transformative memories for me.

What I didn’t know, is that I would ride out the first four months of the pandemic in Kirksville. Throughout these four months I became accustomed to my old college town—getting take out from my favorite sushi restaurant, getting drive-thru coffees, driving down my favorite roads, and hiking on my favorite trails.

I became so accustomed to small town life and living in Kirksville again, that I knew saying goodbye a second time would still be a little sad.

There are so many places that hold special memories to me in town, and I knew that there was no way to photograph every location (partly due to quarantine restrictions and partly due to time constrictions). So, my partner (and our sweet pup Buca) and I decided to take a long walk through town and just reminisce. I brought my Canon AE-1 and a roll of Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400.

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